This is a podcast I’m on with my pals Pedro, Eben and Gus! We talk nerd news, comics, tv, wax on nostalgia and the occasional movie reviews! Take a listen so you can hear what my cool voice sounds like. Editors Note: I’m not in every episode so I’m just posting the ones I appear on, which at this point is basically all of them.


Our Review of Jordon Peele’s “US” W.A.F.S. | ISSUE 10

WE AIN’T FOUND SITH PODCAST | ISSUE 10 We are joined by our special guest, Ellane (@ellanewriter on IG) as we take a dive into the world of Jordan Peele’s movie Us.  Who are the good guys? Who are the villains?  Could you build tunnels under South Florida?  We ask [...]

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