My First Artist Alley Comic Convention Adventure

A review of my experience having an Artist Alley table at Super Con Comic Convention

Hey, so I was at Super Con, a comic convention in Miami, like with a table at Artist Alley and stuff! This is an article about some of that stuff that happened while I was there doing that stuff I did.

Staring at People Passing By at Comic Conventions:

It was my first Comic Convention ever. While I was sitting at my artist alley table a lot of people passed by. I had to learn soon the proper amount of time it took to make eye contact with the people walking by as to not freak them out.

If I looked at them for too short of time it was like “Oh I’m shy, don’t come over here!” and if I looked at them too long it was more like “‘SCUSE ME SIR, SPARE SOME CHANGE!” So it had to be that sweet spot where it was like “Oh hey! Wanna, check out my junk?!” Then I think I had a better chance of people coming over and being like “Mmm… Mad Dog eh?…Free comic? Oh this whole book is free!” Then I say “No, the free comic is free, the book is 10 bucks, you touch YOU BUY!” Ok, I didn’t say the last part, of course I let everyone take a look at the book! šŸ™‚


The “Haps” Around My Table

In front of my artist alley table was like this mini renaissance festival thing. Well, they kept bringing out this pigmy owl and a falcon! At first I was like, “Ah man, people are gonna totally go there instead of my booth” but then I was like “Hey, can I hold that falcon?” I didn’t but, MD got a picture with it!

At these comic conventions, EVERYONE is dressed up in all kinds of crazy and obscure costumes! To the point where if you don’t dress up, you’re considered one of the weird ones. It’s all so wonderful! Looking at all the costumes was pretty dang awesome, like a non stop costume contest 4 days straight!


Cool Comic Convention tricks to get people to stop by

So one of my “tricks” to get people to come to my table was that I had a bowl of candy on it! You can kind of see it on the bottom of the picture there under Mad Dog’s feet. You might think I was bribing kids to come see Mad Dog, but you know what, I totally was! šŸ˜€ For totes I was! But not for the reason you may think!

If they came and went with just candy and nothing else, no bigs, because I did it for another schemey reason. To get lots of people to huddle around my table to make everyone else think “Whoa! Whats going on over there! Whoa! A comic? It must be awesome because of all the people there!” And it worked every now and then!

Ya gotta do what it takes to get people to check out your stuff, especially when no one has heard of you! Why would they spend 10 bucks on a comic book they probably never heard of when they could spend that on an autograph by the voice of Rita Repulsa?! Well, when you got a good crowd around you, popularity rules all! But that only gets you so far, you also have to have something worth looking at!

That’s why I gave away free comic strips! I re-mastered the first page of the Mad Dog comic, printed them and handed them out! They were basically post cards with just the comic on it.

Oh! And I learned something on the last day! Wish I thought of this the first day. Which is, I offered to autograph the back of the free comics! Everyone loved it! I would sign it and doodle MD’s head and they always thought it was so cool I did it for free. And I bet no one that got a signed free comic threw it away, and they were probably more likely to check out Mad Dog online! At least I hope so!


Bring some help to your comic convention artist alley table so you can go take a whiz some times

It was a good thing my lovley wife offered to be there with me the whole time! If not I would have had to hold my wiz for like 9 hours all 4 days! If your a dude or dudette that does comics and wants to get a table, make sure you have someone there with you, you don’t want to tickle your undies while trying to sell comics!


When you run out of goods just charge ridiculous prices for your art for no reason

So I was giving out free candy, free comic strips and free secret decoder rings (you know, for kids!) but on the last day I had NOTHING left. It was basically a giant green empty table with a 10 dollar comic on it. So I did what any professional comic artist would do….

I started drawing really crappy doodles and marking them at ridiculously high prices! It was fun watching people glance over and look, then make this face like “Oh gosh, the prices here are ridiiiiiculous!”

Well, that was my adventure at the Super Con Comic Convention! I’m trying to think of a cool way to end this but I can’t so I’ll just show you guys this photo instead:

The End!

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