Looey Q: The Untold Story (well now it’s told)

This is all about me, Looey Q, and my life and stuff! Well my life so far ya know?

So I was born with this thing called “pulmonary heart atresia” that basically means I was missing my right ventricle. This awesome surgeon preformed my open heart surgery and now I’m friggin awesome. Now I’m in what Krusty the clown calls the “Zipper Club”

Other than going for a yearly check up it doesn’t get in the way of my intense life of watching youtube videos and drawing doodles. But seriously, if I was maybe into sports I would notice a difference, getting tired quicker than the other “sportsters”, but luckily I hate sports. Though I don’t know cause I go to Disney and run around all day, non-stop, full energy and my wife has to take breaks to sit down every five freaking minutes.


Looey Q: The Younger years

I grew up watching a lot of Sesame Street in my younger years, followed by Ninja Turtles for the rest of my life.

I would also go into my sisters room when she was in school and mess up her barbie dream house. Shake it like an earth quake hit it, then put every thing back. She never found out… unless she reads this.

Another fun memory was one time I accidentally pooped my pants, and my sister had all her friends over so before I cleaned myself Up I burst into her room and pulled down my pants showing them my butt. It was gross but hilarious. I still remember them screaming. Hey I was like 6 years old. Gimmie a break!

When I was like 7 I created my first cartoon character Mad Dog! Which I still draw today and you can see under the comics tab of the website!


Looey Q: Kindergarten and stuff

I met my best friend Eddy in Kindergarten, We’re still best friends to this day. But the way we met is probably the greatest story I have. Eddy and I we’re both new and didn’t really know anyone. We were both spinning around the same tree by chance during recess. I leaned in, and for no reason pinched his butt. He turned around and I was like “Wanna be friends?” and that was how we became best friends, and still to this day.

I was def. the nerdy kid in school. In Middle school my friend’s and I created the “The Bob Club” and it was all about Star Wars. We wanted to use “Star Wars” Club but some other kid was already using it, and THAT club was all about helping the owner of the club get more star wars toys for his collection. NO THANKS. OUR club was all about calling each other Bob and drawing Star wars pictures.

Looey Q: My Parental Units/Disney Trips!

My parents were awesome cause they always supported any geeky thing I was into. My dad would watch whatever shows I was obsessed with, and then my friends would come over and he would be like “Hey look, it’s Blastoise on TV” and my friends would be like “Your dad knows Poke’mon?” and I would be like “FUCK YEAH!!!” My Dad and I would go to Disney all the time together. My mom and sis were invited too, but we would go so often they got sick of it and it ended being our thing to go to Disney like every other weekend. Actually it was more like 3 to 5 times a year. It was amazing.

Our tradition went like this. We would watch the movie “The Cable Guy” starring Jim Carey. In the movie they go to Medieval Times, the medical themed dinner show. THEN the next day we would leave for Disney, and on our trip we would GO to medieval times! IT was so fun! The greatest.

Looey Q: My Cousin George and how much we love haunted houses.

So my cousin George and I were super into theme parks, but haunted houses especially. We had big plans to open up our own theme park one day. We practiced ride design by sleeping over at our grand parents house and after they fell asleep we would turn their whole house into a haunted house ride-through. using my grand pa’s office chair as the ride vehicle. SO much fun. You don’t even know.

Looey Q: Middle School time and my next best pal James!

When I was in middle school, My awkward Mike Wizowski body, of a fat stomach with skinny arms and legs became more apparent as I gained weight and started wanting to talk to the ladies. I would be like “Sup ladies, I have a holographic Charizard. I can also do a really good impression of Jiggly Puff from the Poke’mon anime” I was very popular in school. Just not for the reasons people like to be popular in school for.

But I didn’t care, I wore my nerdyness badge with pride. People would make fun of me, I’d make fun of myself even more clever and hilarious, everyone would laugh then I’d make fun of the person that made fun of me and they wouldn’t say anything cause since I went with their joke, if they didn’t go with mine they would seem like a big baby with getting their feelings hurt. It was my ultimate weapon.

I was 100% myself with everyone, right away. I didn’t give a crap. (still don’t) It weeded out the people I didn’t want to be friends with instantly. The one’s that got me, became great friends with me. Enter my next best friend, James! We we’re super into Poke’mon and Star Wars. We’d draw after class, pictures of R2-D2 going on a date with Chewbacca, or like, Sailor Moon hanging out with Kirby. James introduced me to a whole new world of cartoons. Anime. Up until then I only knew about Pokemon. He showed me Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and eventually years later, probably my favorite show ever, Cowboy Bee Bop.

We’d go to each others house after school and watch Pirates of the Dark Water, eat snacks and play Star Craft or Turtles in Time. All things I never knew about until I met him. We we’re both weird and awkward to everyone in school, but to us we were best pals and a perfect “friend fit”. He was big, muscular but I heart of gold. I was small, chubby and a bit waskily.

Looey Q: My Super Pimples

One fateful sleep over for Jame’s birthday, I met his slightly older cousin Kris. At the time he was a goody two-shoes trying to stop us from watching the fuzzy porn channels. But that would soon change. More on that later. Cut to High School, I’m still awkward and chubby but now I got a sweet new upgrade! Pimples! Insane amount of pimples! Acne as far as the eye can see! White heads erupted on my cheeks and the corners of my lips. It was great. My mom took me weekly to be tortured to get facials.

This lady with a shaky hand would slice my face, then run this electrical device over my acne infested areas. It was supposed to stop the acne from spreading. It would work fine as long as she pressed it down to my face, but she would ALWAYS slip up and lift it a little, which caused the electricity to basically shock my entire cheek, or area it was over. Dudes, I would FLIP OUT.

Eventually I took some highly experimental medicine that killed my acne for good. I also grew an extra pinky toe, but my doctor was “super positive” that wasn’t a side effect of the medicine.

Looey Q: Super Mario Time in High School

In high school I had this one bully. Named Mario. He made fun of me calling me Gooey Louie, and he was super suave and good looking so all the girls laughed at his jokes.

But then one day he saw I had one of those Texas calculators that if you had the skill, you could download games on it. He was like “Oh hey, let me hook you up with some games” and I was like “oh ok.. thanks!” but wondered why he was being so nice.

We started chatting and it turned out that he basically lived walking distance from my house. Soon we became best friends instantly, hanging out all the time. We went on adventures every weekend. Me, James and Mario became the trio of pals! Soon we met another cool dude named Nik. He had a cool afro so he joined our friend group. We had a squad now. We would walk to James house after school and spend the days playing Halo, playing dungeons and dragons (Nik was the ultimate dungeon master) and just being cool dudes.

Looey Q: Kris 2.0

Back to Kris, now he got a hair cut, grew a beard, and started hanging out with James more. Kris and I’s humor instantly clicked. From our first hang out, both being at Jame’s house at the same time. We had this idea for a comic where Lex Luthor got together with all the marvel and DC super villains because he wanted to blow up the world, so all the Marvel and DC super heroes challenge Lex Luthor to a game of baseball instead of fighting. It was filled with puns and cheesy jokes and one liners. James and Mario and everyone else all went out to eat lunch or something but me and Kris looked at each other, nodded and said at the exact same time “We’re gonna stay home and work on this comic”. I drew it and he wrote it. The comic is long lost by now, but maybe one day I’ll recreate it for this site.

I remember on prom night we all stayed at James house and played Halo. Looking back now though… I don’t regret it at all!

Looey Q: College Years

So I graduate high school and go to College! I went to the Art Institute to get a degree in Animation. I actually ended up more how to make websites and graphic design stuff. Which is what I do now, but that’s not the point. The point is more friends. There I met my last long lasting pal up until now, Pedro! I had many friends in college but Pedro is the only one who stuck by me through everything. To this day we still hang out all the time. He’s the one who I do the podcast with if you go check out my podcast menu tab! But in College, man, it was wacky. Everyone hated me and my friends in college, except the teachers. The teachers loved us. We would sing Disney songs in class, and just be super weird and crazy. Good times.

Looey Q: Future Wife

Skip to a few years later, and I meet my future wife on okcupid.com! In the online world she’s known as E.L. Lane! She is awesome and accepted me for my weirdness 100%. Never expects me to be any kind of normal. And is totally cool with me wearing cartoon shirts and cargo shorts as my default fashion style. Since I do freelance webdesign, I usually wear jeans and a collared shirt in public in case I run into potential clients. BUT, around the house and vacation… cartoon shirts and cargo shorts all day! She inspires me to push myself and chase my artistic side.

She also gave me the idea to start my own comic book artist group here in Miami, which now we meet up like every 2 weeks to help each other out and share our projects. EL Lane is also a whiz with social media so whatever she learns I just leech off of her knowledge.

Looey Q: The End Paragraph

I’m now in my thirties, have two kids, a boy and girl who are the most amazing little freaks in the world. I make websites, I have all my pals, and I draw and create new content as much as I can. While also designing websites and logos and stuff for my clients. I go to comic conventions and sell my comic Mad Dog! Which I started drawing back in 2010.

God has truly blessed me. Although it might be because I slipped God a fiver during the collection at church that one time.